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Doctor of Divinity degree awarded to Pro Vice-Chancellor

0170 Prof Kenneth Newport Friday 19 February 2016

Pro Vice-Chancellor the Revd Professor Kenneth Newport has been awarded the Doctor of Divinity (DD) degree by the University of Oxford. Liverpool Hope University's Vice-Chancellor Professor Pillay said: 

I would like to share some wonderful news regarding our colleague and Pro Vice-Chancellor, The Revd Professor Kenneth Newport.  I heard the good news today that the University of Oxford has awarded him the Doctor of Divinity degree.

Professor Newport gained his first Oxford doctorate, the Doctor of Philosophy, in 1988 before embarking on a brilliant career of research, teaching and scholarship including at the University of St Andrews and the University of Manchester. He has been at Liverpool Hope University now for almost 23 years. He has risen through the ranks of the University as a thoughtful leader dedicated to the mission and vision of our University. 

The Oxford Doctor of Divinity degree is the highest degree awarded by the University. Applications for this degree are submitted at the invitation of the Chair of the Theology and Religion Faculty Board, which first considers whether there is a prima facie case. The DD is awarded on the basis of published works, which are considered by three external judges. The work has to be deemed to ‘constitute an original contribution to the advancement of theological knowledge, of such substance and distinction as to give the candidate an authoritative status in this branch of learning.’ Recent Oxford University statistics indicate that over the past 90 years there have been only 78 successful applications and that Professor Newport's will be the 79th.  

Professor Newport submitted six books and eight articles for examination. These fell into two broad categories: Wesley Studies and Millennialism/Apocalypticism. He is planning to formally receive the degree in the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford sometime over the coming months.

On sharing this good news with me, Professor Newport said: "I am delighted to have been given this distinction. I am very appreciative of all the support that has been given for many years by my colleagues at Liverpool Hope, and by the University itself, which has enabled me to continue with an active publishing career."

Good scholarship brings national and international recognition to our university. This is a distinguished and praiseworthy achievement.

Congratulations Kenneth!

Professor G J Pillay


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