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Drama Lecturer Dr Stephe Harrop takes the stage at Story Jam

Stephe Harrop square Friday 10 June 2016

One of London’s most well-known storytelling clubs welcomed Lecturer in Drama Dr Stephe Harrop as a headline performer at Story Jam.

Dr Harrop performed The Wandering Bride, her version of the Scottish fairytale The Black Bull of Norroway.

Describing the fairytale as ‘a wondrous, dark old tale of battered hearts and long, long roads’, Dr Harrop explained how her unscripted, one-woman performance unfolds.

She said: “It draws together northern fantasy and ancient Roman myth to explore the long roads walked by displaced women across generations and millennia.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to return to Story Jam, which is one of my very favourite storytelling nights, with a really technically demanding and emotionally gruelling story.

“The audience gave The Wandering Bride an extraordinarily warm reception, and it's great for my students to see me stepping up, pushing the limits of my own repertoire and skill-set, and taking the same risks I ask them to take in class every week.”

More details about The Wandering Bride and contemporary storytelling can be found in Dr Harrop’s recent interview with Story Jam founder Alys Torrance.

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