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Dr Elena Boschi presents at the Radical Film Network Festival and Unconference

Dr Elena Boschi Monday 16 May 2016

Lecturer in Visual Communication Dr Elena Boschi discussed her work on the interrupted screening model at the Radical Film Network Festival and Unconference at the University of Glasgow. She also facilitated a screening based on the model during a festival event hosted by Richard Warden - Film Curator for the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival.

We Don't Like Samba (CIS Berlin 2014) takes a critical look at the social struggles in Brazil in the months before the 2014 World Cup. The interrupted screening creates a space for small group discussions by pausing films, instead of relegating discussion to the end and letting visible experts shape it.

Dr Boschi's research arises from existing screening practices for educational, political and radical films, whereby curators, academics and directors provide knowledge about the film. This often leads to debates after screening a film from the beginning to the end, which follow a hierarchical model that doesn't necessarily encourage participation. These practices might leave the films' potential unfulfilled. Introducing interruptions and letting participants talk within a film, rather than just at the end, seeks to combine recent work on film experience outside the movie theatre, anxiety and capitalism, and inattentive engagements. 

The screening of We Don't Like Samba opened a collective space to talk, engage, organise change and reflect on the links between social struggles in Brazil and what's happening elsewhere in the world. It was very well received both by people attending the event and by Unconference participants, leading to invitations to host more similar events in the future.   

Picture: Dr Elena Boschi (pictured front left) in discussion. 

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