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Dr Peter Angell discusses sports doping in BBC Horizon special

Peter Angell Friday 22 July 2016

In a BBC Horizon special, Hope’s Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Sciences Dr Peter Angell discussed the increasing use of steroids in the UK.

He appeared on Horizon’s Sports Doping – Winning At Any Cost? alongside presenter Dr Xand van Tulleken.

Dr Angell, who has researched and published several articles on the effects of Androgenic Anabolic Steroid use/abuse on the cardiovascular system, explained how the scale of steroid use in the UK has risen by six per cent in the last decade.

He said: “Recent data has suggested around 60,000 users, but most people assume this is a gross underestimation and anywhere up into the 100,000s are actually using on a regular basis.”

What drives people to use performance enhancing drugs was also discussed, with Dr Angell describing how motivations can vary from work pressures to the desire to look good. He described how steroid use is “going through all walks of life now”.

Dr Angell explained the health risks associated with steroids, which can range from growth of breast tissue to male pattern baldness and acne, and how despite these, usage appears to be on the rise.

Watch Dr Angell’s interview with Horizon (18:20 – 20:20). 

Read Dr Angell's recent Expert Comment on how the culture of sport doping is changing.  

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