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Dr Salman Al-Azami discusses media coverage of Turkish coup

0006 Dr Salman Al-Azami Friday 22 July 2016

Media coverage of the recent attempted coup in Turkey was discussed by Senior Lecturer in English Language Dr Salman Al-Azami in a piece for The Platform.

Writing for the site - which offers an outlet for critical and global exchange - Dr Al-Azami commented on the angle the western media chose to take when reporting on the uprising.

He said: “The failed coup attempt in Turkey over the weekend impressively demonstrated the victory of people power and democratic will over the machinations of the armed forces. Yet it is difficult to understand why major media outlets in the west avoided any mention of this important aspect of the event as the crisis unfolded, preferring instead to highlight deep divisions in Turkish society and the authoritarianism of its president.”

Dr Al-Azami described the coverage as lacking the impartial expectations of viewers and suggested news outlets have a responsibility to their audiences, which they are failing to meet.

He said: “This was not the time to only scrutinise the flaws of a democratically elected leader of a country, but to accurately report the events unfolding so that viewers are properly informed.”

Dr Al-Azami’s comments come ahead of the launch of his new book ‘Religion in the Media: A Linguistic Analysis’, which is due to be published by Palgrave Macmillan later in the year.

Read the full article here.

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