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Dr Simon Marwood speaks to BBC North West Tonight

0137 Dr Simon Marwood Profile Thursday 29 September 2016

BBC North West Tonight interviewed Liverpool Hope University Physiologist Dr Simon Marwood as part of a special feature on Ultratriathlon world-record holder Dave Clamp.

The news channel visited Dr Marwood at the University’s new Health Sciences Building to find out more about his recent work with the triathlon champion.

Dave, from Oakmere in Cheshire, recently set a new world record at the Double Deca Ultratriathlon World Challenge in Switzerland, following training with Hope’s sports scientist.

Dr Marwood provided advice and expertise to help Dave with his training after examining the size and function of Dave’s heart his capacity to oxidise fat as a source of fuel, and his maximal capacity to utilise oxygen.

Speaking on North West Tonight, Dr Marwood said: “There’s nothing that we measured that made him stand out particularly, apart from the fact he is a fit 57 year old.

“I think they’re must be an almost immeasurable component that makes his ability to go back day after day, and for his muscles to recover structurally, for his joints, tendons and ligaments not to fatigue and cause him to be injured.

“I don’t know how you quite find that out without going and trying it for yourself.”

The Double Deca Ultratriathlon Challenge saw competitors swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles and run 26.2 miles each day for 20 days.

Watch the full BBC North West Tonight interview below.

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