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Dr Sonja Tiernan to address the TUC at remembrance event

Sonja Tiernan Wednesday 10 May 2017

Dr Sonja Tiernan, Acting Head of Department of History and Politics, has been invited to address the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in London at a special event hosted by the Southern and Eastern Region of the TUC.

The event is a tribute to migrant workers in Britain and will be hosted on Saturday 13th May – the day before the anniversary of An Gorta Mor (the Great Hunger), which forced over 1.5 million Irish people to flee the famine and seek respite abroad.

Organisers described the theme of the event as the opportunity to ‘start the concept of a history month of the Irish immigrants to Britain of the last few centuries. Through their mass concentration of migrant labour, they managed to make Britain the most industrialised nation in the world’.

It’s hoped it will provide ‘a lesson from history in the way we should welcome all migrant workers, today, at a time of the re-emerging racism fuelled by the “Brexit” referendum’.

The event is free and open to all. Find out more and register here

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