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Dr Sonja Tiernan to give keynote address at Irish conference

Sonja Tiernan Monday 5 September 2016

Senior Lecturer in History Dr Sonja Tiernan will deliver a keynote address at the All Island Commemorative Network Conference ‘Reflecting on 2016 Commemorations’.

Speaking at the event at Maynooth University, Ireland, Dr Tiernan will speak on Reshaping Modern Ireland: The female legacy of 1916.

The landmark event aims to address the often contentious centenary commemorations from an all-Ireland perspective, rather than the separate spheres of Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

In a series of public talks and roundtable discussions, the underrepresentation or outright exclusion of women scholars/artists/writers/activists and stakeholders from major events will be explored, in an attempt to diversify approaches to the Decade of Commemorations.

They will focus intentionally on women and the Decade of Commemorations, as a corrective to the current national conversation. The events seek to showcase the scholarly and creative work of women working in an Irish cultural context, as well as to initiate discussion about women of the period of a century ago.

The conference, which takes place on Thursday 8th September, is funded by the Irish Research Council and the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Peace and Reconciliation Fund.

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