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ESRC grant for Professor Neil Ferguson

0075 Dr Neil Ferguson Tuesday 26 April 2016

Professor Neil Ferguson (Department of Psychology) has been awarded an ESRC grant through the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) based at Lancaster University.

The £62,150 grant is for a project titled “Learning and unlearning terrorism: The transition from civilian life into paramilitarism and back again during the conflict and peace process in Northern Ireland”.

The project will involve conducting a high level qualitative analysis of over 20 years of interview data with Loyalist and Republican paramilitaries and former political prisoners from Northern Ireland to explore how individuals initiate contact with armed groups and join, their life within the armed group and how former combatants move away from violence, demobilize from armed groups and reintegrate back into society.

Professor Ferguson will lead the project with co-operation from Professor James McAuley from the University of Huddersfield.

The call for proposals generated over 130 applications requesting over £11.7 million in funding, with only £1 million available. Only the proposals which scored ‘outstanding’ across most if not all of the rating criteria received support.

Read the full announcement on the CREST website 

Professor Neil Ferguson - full profile 

Department of Psychology at Liverpool Hope University

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