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Gateway Building is awash with words

Glass Poetry event 2014 Wednesday 8 October 2014

Liverpool Hope University's Gateway Building was awash with words this week, as people were invited to cover the glass windows with their favourite pieces of poetry.  

Glass Poetry, organised by the University’s English Department and the student-led English Society, saw staff, students and members of the public use chalk pens to write quotations, whole poems and song lyrics on the large glass windows that cover the Building. International students also wrote poems in their home languages. The aim of the event was to start conversations about how poetry influences, and is part of, our everyday lives, and how we can introduce even more of it into our daily routine.

Participants didn't need to worry about being lost for words - students were on hand with a selection of poetry books to help them search for a poem that meant something to them.  

Many also wrote their own poems on the windows, including English student Balraj Sohal, who shared his poem Overall. Balraj's poem uses scientific language and the theme of water and combines it with an exploration of a relationship. Balraj said: "I love English, and writing poetry is a hobby of mine. It was great to see people from different subject disciplines sharing their favourite poems, or writing their own and then having conversations about it."  

Dr Alice Bennett from Liverpool Hope University’s English Department said: “Poetry permeates our lives, even if we don’t realise – from the first rhymes we learn at school, to weddings and funerals, and national and international events. It is used in advertising, and even in sport. The Glass Poetry event was an opportunity for people to help create a visible patchwork of the poetry that means something to them." 

Dr Bennett and Charlotte Bolland from Liverpool Hope's English Society also appeared on Radio Merseyside and Bay TV to talk about the event and the poems that they had chosen, and had their photographs taken for the Liverpool Echo.

Charlotte said: "We were really pleased with the turnout which included people passing by who wanted to take part. It was fantastic to find out which poems really struck a chord with people. The event has done exactly what we wanted it to do - getting people talking about poetry and what it means to them. It was also very encouraging to see both students and staff willing to share their own poems with others."  

Glass Poetry Photo

See more pictures of the Glass Poetry event on the Liverpool Hope University Facebook page.

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