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Graduation 2015: Broadcasting Hope

Daniel Leung Wednesday 22 July 2015

Christian Theology and Media and Communication student Daniel Leung used his time at Liverpool Hope to hone his broadcasting skills and deepen his participation in chaplaincy life.

Daniel, from Leicester, says that he knew within minutes of attending an Open Day that he wanted to study at Liverpool Hope: “As soon as I walked through the door to the university, I was greeted warmly and made to feel welcome. Every student is known and recognised by name from day one to graduation day, which struck me walking down the steps of the Cathedral as academic staff greeted me.”

Daniel’s interest for media led to his involvement with THIS Radio, where he interviewed artists such as Jess Glynne and the Hoosiers: “A real highlight for me was when I interviewed Lyse Doucett, the BBC’s Chief International Correspondent, at the reception of her Honorary Doctorate. I was struck by her stories of Hope and humanity in the face of despair in war-torn countries and I also gained even more appreciation for the importance of the media.”

Daniel became the North West Regional officer for the Student Radio Association and completed the Creative Industries Award. He was also involved with the ACISE conference, which saw him present a poster to visiting academics from Catholic universities across the world about his experience of studying at Liverpool Hope. “It was enjoyable, and surreal that as an undergraduate I was addressing professors, but it helped me gain confidence.”   

Daniel says that his participation in the life of the Chaplaincy also had a big impact on his experience: “The theologian St Thomas Aquinas said, ‘Without friendships even the most agreeable of tasks becomes arduous.’ The greatest highlight for me is making such close life-long friends at the university with similar and different views and personalities to myself.  I have enjoyed deepening those friendships with trips to Dublin, Manchester, London, and retreats with the chaplaincy to Hautecombe Abbey, Barmouth and Formby.”

Reflecting on his time at Liverpool Hope, where he was awarded a First Class degree, Daniel said: “I am proud to call Hope my Alma Mater, as it has nurtured many skills, talents and critical interpersonal skills. I have been able to recognise more readily my own personality and approach to tasks, allowing me to deal with deadlines and cope with stress, especially when plans go awry. My academic writing style has been finessed, and my knowledge of the fields of theology and media has been growing. My involvement with the wider university has equipped me to continue at Hope as a Graduate Intern at THIS Radio and as a Senior Resident Tutor.” 

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