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Graduation 2015: Scholarship prize for Computing whizz

Joshua Sherwood Wednesday 22 July 2015

As well as achieving a First class degree in Computing, Joshua Sherwood was awarded the Institution for Engineering and Technology Scholarship for the best research project.

My experience at the open day was a key reason why I chose the university. After speaking to a lecturer from the computer science department about my research interests, it became abundantly clear the department would facilitate all topics of interest. I was not shown this flexibility at any of the other universities I visited, and not only this, but it seemed the lecturers at Hope would be excited by and encourage the researching of new areas.

The highlight of my time at Liverpool Hope was having the opportunity to meet and engage with numerous interesting people. Thanks to Hope, I have forged relationships that will last a life time and developed a variety of invaluable skills throughout my degree. One of the most important skills is understanding and being able to write in various programming languages. I feel confident that I am able to use languages including Java, HTML, Java Script and most languages on the .NET framework, in a professional environment. I have also been taught how to construct complex algorithms and to fully understand their procedures. By processing these abilities, I’m positive I would be able to understand other languages at a basic level without ever formally learning them.

“The support I received throughout my time at Liverpool Hope has been exemplary. My tutors were very accommodating and encouraging whenever I explored alternative research areas of Computer Science. The Mathematics and Computer Science Department was exceptional when it came to personal development and support. I found I was always able to contact my tutors and receive a prompt reply, with all of the lecturers very hospitable. 

“Discovering I’d been granted the scholarship brought a feeling of unrefined happiness. I first applied for the postgraduate scholarship in March after it came to my attention via one of my lecturers. I received the confirmation letter two months later and felt very proud that I was not only considered, but received the award. I plan to build on my current academic achievement by continuing my education at Liverpool Hope and studying for an MSc in Computer Science.”

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