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Health Sciences researchers look to the future

health sciences day 2015 Tuesday 30 June 2015

Health Sciences researchers at Liverpool Hope University gathered to share news on their latest research, look ahead to REF 2020 and discuss long term plans for Health Sciences at Liverpool Hope.

Projects ranging from parasites to prosthetic limbs were presented at the 2015 Research Day.

Research in the School of Health Sciences at Liverpool Hope University covers genomics and bioinformatics, cell biology, diabetes and metabolic diseases, nutrition, movement science and sport biomechanics, exercise physiology and health, sport psychology, and sport, culture and management.    

Dr Becky Dagger presented an update on the Sit-and-Stand project. This HEIF-funded project which also includes Dr Peter Angell, looks at the impact of a work-place intervention (an adjustable desk that allows people to stand as they work) on various health variables such as body composition, lipid profile, and blood pressure.

Dr Charlotte Miles presented an update on a piece of interdisciplinary research that looks at improving coordination in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). The research study, which also includes Dr Greg Wood, Dr Omid Alizadehkhaiyat and Dr Ginny Coyles, looks at how Quiet Eye training techniques used by athletes can be adapted to help improve the co- ordination of children with Developmental Coordination Disorder – otherwise known as dyspraxia. During the presentation, it was demonstrated how graphical multi-dimensional analysis is being used to provide comprehensive data interpretation.  

The day also included a keynote speech on “Computational Intelligence in Health and Medicine” by Professor Taktak, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Director of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), Honorary Professor at the Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Other main sessions of the day, which included the REF Forum and a Q & A Panel with Professor Atulya Nagar (Dean of the Faculty of Science), Dr Ian Vandewalle (Head of School of Health Sciences), Professor Mehmet Dorak (Chair for the Faculty Research Committee), and Mr Colin Cooper (Liverpool Hope Research Coordinator) attracted a lot of attention from the staff.

At the end of the day, Professor Kenneth Newport presented Dr Greg Wood and Dr Stefan Koehn with the Researcher Achievement and Best Publication awards, respectively. Dr Charlotte Miles also received a prize for her research activity in relation to the Developmental Coordination Disorder project.

Associate Professor Dr Omid Alizadehkhaiyat, who organised the Research Day, said: “It is a very exciting time to be part of the Health Sciences department at Liverpool Hope, and the diverse and impactful research presented at this event confirmed that. There has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging feedback about the event. Our new building can only aid us further in our plans, and equip our staff and students to carry out meaningful research in their fields.” 

School of Health Sciences at Liverpool Hope  

Pictured: Dr Charlotte Miles, Dr Greg Wood and Dr Stefan Koehn 

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