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History and Politics Professor dedicates new book to Liverpool Hope students

0119 Prof Bill Jones Wednesday 6 January 2016

Former Professor of Politics Bill Jones has dedicated his new book to the undergraduates he taught during his time at Liverpool Hope University. 

Although retired, Professor Jones maintains strong links with the university and is a Senior Honorary Research Fellow. He also writes Expert Comments for the Liverpool Hope website and does some teaching.  

British Politics: The Basics (Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group) analyses the transformation of British politics over the last two decades. Professor Jones argues that while some components of the system have been eroded, such as voter turnout and membership of the big parties, other parts have flourished, such as nationalist parties, the insurgent UKIP, as well as the new media. Professor Jones’s new book places these changes within the context of the evolution of British society from absolute monarchy to representative democracy.

The book considers each of the major components of British politics, such as the Monarchy and the House of Lords, the Commons, voting behaviour, parties and pressure groups, the Prime Minister and Cabinet, devolution, local government, and foreign policy. It also includes coverage of recent events such as the Scottish Referendum and the 2015 General Election, and discussion of topics such as the Coalition, House of Lords reform and the Eurozone crisis to ensure that readers are provided with the most up-to-date coverage available.

Professor Jones said: “I wanted to dedicate the book to my former Liverpool Hope University Students as the book represents, in essence, the course I developed when teaching successive years of attentive, intelligent young people.”

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