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Introducing our new academics - Department of Psychology

Dr Letizia Palumbo Monday 5 October 2015

The Department of Psychology welcomes two new academics this term, whose research ranges from memory and face recognition to visual preference and aesthetics. 

Dr Letizia Palumbo – Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Palumbo graduated in Psychology at Sapienza University in Rome (Italy), where she was awarded a fellowship from Sapienza University to undertake research training at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig (Germany). Dr Palumbo was awarded her PhD in 2012 by the University of Hull, with a thesis on emotional anticipation in typical development and Autism. Dr Palumbo started her postdoctoral studies in 2013 working on visual aesthetics.

Dr Palumbo’s current research activity belongs to two main areas: (1) Visual preference and aesthetics, where she examines the interplay of visual perception and emotional processes in hedonic evaluations of abstract patterns. Dr Palumbo is also interested in embodied simulation and perspective taking accounts and their role in research on empathy, creativity and aesthetic experience.

(2) Social perception and cognition in infants and adults. Dr Palumbo studies mechanisms of action/emotion understanding and Theory of Mind in typical development and Autism. To investigate these topics she uses behavioural and eye tracking techniques as well as electrophysiological measures (EEG and EMG).

Dr Nicola Jones 150x150Dr Nicola Jones - Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Psychology 

Dr Nicola Jones completed her undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology at Durham University and was awarded a departmental scholarship to study for an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of York. Her PhD in Psychology was entitled ‘Glucoregulation, Memory and the Ageing Brain: Exploring the Mechanisms’. 

As a Research Assistant at Newcastle University, Dr Jones investigated working memory and attention in typical children and those with Williams syndrome.  

Dr Jones’s current research interests include learning, memory and attention, and how these processes are represented behaviourally and at a neural level in both typical and atypical populations. She specialises in face perception and recognition and their neural mechanisms using event-related potentials (ERPs) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), investigating the effects of glucoregulation (blood sugar regulation) on memory and face recognition in older adults. She also has an interest in investigating cognitive mechanisms across the lifespan.

Dr Jones is also interested in exploring the effects of glucoregulation on memory and face recognition across the lifespan, from children to older adults in both longitudinal and cross-sectional research. 

Department of Psychology at Liverpool Hope University 

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