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Is the US Supreme Court in trouble? Dr Brian Christopher Jones reflects

Dr Brian Jones 150x150 Thursday 12 November 2015

Lecturer in Law Dr Brian Christopher Jones has produced a journal article for the Wisconsin Law Review discussing the constitutional future of the US Supreme Court.  

Entitled ‘Disparaging the Supreme Court: Is SCOTUS in Serious Trouble?’, Dr Jones looks at recent discontent in the political and public arenas.

In his introduction, Dr Jones states: “Another turbulent Supreme Court term has left liberals pleased and conservatives disenchanted; exactly the opposite of last year’s conclusion, when liberals were gloomy and conservatives elated.

“And while the Court is certainly no stranger to controversy, at this point in the Roberts Era, something is different. The difference appears not through the divisiveness of the Court’s docket, which has remained consistent throughout the years, but in the way the American public, including journalists and others, now thinks and speaks about the institution.

“As its political nature becomes more easily discerned—both because of the issues it is deciding and the language used in the Court’s decisions—reverence to the institution, its Justices, and more importantly, its decisions, appears to be increasingly scarce.”

Read the full article in the Wisconsin Law Review

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