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Lecturers to present research at Association for Moral Education conference

Lecture Tuesday 6 December 2016

Research will be presented by Professor Neil Ferguson and Associate Professor Philip Bamber at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the US.

The presentation will form part of the annual conference of the Association for Moral Education, which provides an international forum for the interdisciplinary study of the moral and ethical dimensions of human development and education.

This 42nd Annual Conference is entitled ‘Civic engagement: A cultural revolution?’ and will be attended by more than 600 delegates from 36 countries.

Professor Neil Ferguson, Editorial Board for the Journal of Moral Education, is Professor of Political Psychology at Hope and is presenting a paper on ‘Do liberals understand conservative moral motivations? Faking the MFQ’.

Dr Phil Bamber is Head of Department of Education Studies and is presenting research on ‘The development of new teachers’ understandings of fundamental British values’. 

The conference will include a plenary session on ‘A Conversation about Populism, Political Surprises and Marginal Parties’, which will reflect upon recent dramatic political, moral and civic-related events such as BREXIT and USA presidential election.

In this conversation, the organisers have agreed to share information about the Conference held at Liverpool Hope earlier this year on the response of Values Education to BREXIT, which led to a letter to the Secretary of State for Education in the UK for a renewed commitment to the teaching of PSHE, Citizenship and Religion in post-Brexit Britain. Find out more here.

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