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Liverpool Hope and FACT to consider protest in the 21st Century

FACT residency Wednesday 10 June 2015

Dr Elena Boschi from the Department of Media and Communication is partnering with FACT (Foundation for Art and Technology) on a one day event that will consider how art, technology and the media has changed the way we protest.  

Protest! Is it possible in the 21st century? Takes place on June 18th in The Box at FACT Liverpool and is aimed at the general public. Also involved are a-Political, and Games and Social Change.

Considering the politically motivated overt actions of the Anonymous Group to the recent protests against NHS cuts and the newly re-elected British government, Protest! will look at the ways in which public protest and political action have changed in today’s information-saturated world.

After the opening Consciousness Raising workshop with the Institute of Precarious Consciousness, there will be three short talks by participants in the UpRising Leadership Programme, Mexican writer and media artist Fran Ilich, and IOCOSE, intertwined with We Don’t Like Samba (CIS Berlin 2014), a documentary about the Free Fare Movement, resistance in Rio de Janeiro's favelas, and autonomous workers' struggles in the months preceding the World Cup in Brazil last year.

Dr Boschi will talk about radical screening practices to provide context on the interrupted screening model, which is aimed at encouraging audiences to talk, engage, organise change, and challenge the anxiety which, as the Institute of Precarious Consciousness argue in their celebrated piece 'We Are All Very Anxious', can prevent protest.

Timed intervals for group discussions are built into the programme and filmmaking collective CIS Berlin will attend the event for the first interrupted screening of their documentary.

 For further information visit the FACT website, to book tickets (booking required).     

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