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Liverpool Hope becomes recognised provider of Qualifying Law Degrees (QLD)

Law student - used for LLb Law story Wednesday 13 August 2014

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has formally recognised Liverpool Hope University as a provider of Qualifying Law Degrees - meaning that when students choose to study Law at Liverpool Hope they will qualify to enter straight into the vocational stage of legal training.

Mr John Sawyer, Co-ordinator of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Law said: “Our new Law Degree sets out to give students the opportunity to study law in a close knit, contemporary, contextual and reflective setting. We aim to go beyond a perception of law as a set of rules to be learned; we encourage students to evaluate and critique current law and practice, to understand their theoretical foundations and ethical context and analyse and reflect upon the role of the professional in society. The design of our LLB programme draws on Liverpool Hope’s unique mission and strengths in areas of the law curriculum.”

Students will be exposed to the theoretical and philosophical basis of ethics and will be challenged to use their understanding to consider how professional rules of conduct relate to wider questions of ethics and morality.

John added: “Current legal education is often seen as lacking in this regard, and it is highly likely that the new Competencies will include a greater emphasis on ethics. The recent Legal Education Training Review recommended that that training in this area should be strengthened at all universities. Liverpool Hope is in a particularly strong position to take a lead in this area and part of the LLB content at Level I (Year Two) will involve collaborative teaching and shared curriculum between members of the Law Department and those in Philosophy and Ethics.”

The new Law degree is also designed to help form adaptable and flexible professionals, ready to work in a range of contexts. John said “Legal services are no longer exclusively delivered by firms of solicitors and chambers of barristers. The development of Alternative Business Structures means that professional lawyers often need to adopt more consumer-focussed and commercial strategies - and our new Law Degree is specifically geared to meet that challenge.”

The new LLB is in addition to Liverpool Hope's already successful Law Major.

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