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Liverpool Hope terrorism expert helps explain events in Paris

Paris 150x150 Tuesday 17 November 2015

Dr Evan Lawrence, a Visiting Lecturer in Terrorism and Security at Liverpool Hope University, spoke to media outlets across the UK and France in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Paris.

She helped with BBC Radio 5 Live’s coverage of events over the weekend and was interviewed by several local BBC Radio stations, Bay TV and the Liverpool Echo.

Dr Lawrence told the Liverpool Echo: “We are starting to see a change in targeting - it used to be government buildings and now its restaurants and public spaces, so the security services will be adjusting to that. It’s something they have a full handle on and isn’t something that the average citizen needs to worry about.”

She added that Western governments need to look at the root cause of why these attacks are happening.

“The British government are failing to address the root causes of why young people are being drawn into extremism, such as lack of education, poverty and institutional racism and these long term issues need to be dealt with in a more effective way,” said Dr Lawrence.

She advised: “When you see things, don’t be afraid to report it. We all have to be vigilant and must go about our normal lives. If the foundation of what we do on a daily basis changes than we are in an even worse situation.” She added: “We can’t let this tragedy be a catalyst to hatred.”

Dr Lawrence will also appear on BBC Radio Manchester this week. 


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