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Liverpool Hope University Drama Professor goes back in time for This is England ‘90

This is England '90 Monday 14 September 2015

Professor Simon Piasecki, Liverpool Hope University’s Head of Dance, Drama and Performance Studies, is set to appear in the final episode of Shane Meadows’ This is England '90 – as himself.

Professor Piasecki, who has lectured at Liverpool Hope University since 2013, was given a personal invitation by Shane to appear as a college lecturer in the series which is inspired in many parts by Shane’s own experiences.

Professor Piasecki said: “I actually taught Shane way back in 1990 at Burton Technical College and, since This is England certainly has an autobiographic context for him, filming it felt like a time warp.

“My role was basically as myself, giving an illustrated lecture. Apparently I still dress as if I am in 1990, since my costume was practically what I wear daily! I have very fond memories of what were literally my first years of teaching, and of Shane too, who always kept us laughing in class.”

He added: “I have ever since had huge respect for our colleagues in Further Education (FE), who work so hard to facilitate young people to transform their prospects - it is what saved me from school failure, having been at a comprehensive during the Miner's strike and recession, when everybody's parents, including my own, were left out of work.

“Shane transformed his future similarly. I subsequently cut my own academic teeth for ten years in FE before moving into Higher Education, and still benefit from that experience hugely.  

“It has been so meaningful to be asked to take up this role, 25 years later, with a Director that has become such a significant figure in British filmmaking and whose work captures something essential about growing up in the midlands and the north.”

About Professor Simon Piasecki

Professor Simon Piasecki is Head of Dance, Drama and Performance Studies at Liverpool Hope University. He is a writer and performer. He has worked as a performance artist around the world, including creating performances at night against the backdrop of mountain ranges in the UK and Spain. He also took a place on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. 

Last year he premiered in Liverpool his new work Flight to Arras (directed by Dr Shelley Piasecka), a poetic and moving retelling of the penultimate flights and autobiographic thoughts of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry over occupied France, based on his book of the same title. In October 2015 Flight to Arras will be performed at Highfest in Yerevan, Armenia as part of its Memorial Programme to the Armenian Massacre of 1915.  Read full profile.

Picture: (l-r): on set photo of Thomas Turgoose (who plays Shaun Field in This is England), Professor Simon Piasecki (Liverpool Hope University) and Shane Meadows (writer and director of This is England). 

Department of Drama, Dance and Performance Studies at Liverpool Hope

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