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"Look Behind You!™" by Steafan Hanvey

Steafan Hanvey Wednesday 24 June 2015

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies is hosting a performance from Northern Irish singer-songwriter Steafán Hanvey at the Capstone Theatre.

Steafán was born during one of the bloodiest years in the Northern Irish Troubles, in Downpatrick, N. Ireland. In 2013 he embarked on a North American tour to promote his sophomore album. Nuclear Family is an album that meditates on the constructive and destructive forces inherent in most families and relationships; and shows how families can both nurture and hinder the creative spirit.

As Steafán sifted through his memories and experiences, he realised that the public and political face of Northern Ireland was pressed hard against the window of his private and personal world; in short, his ‘family’ couldn’t be “explained” in isolation. Making the album made Steafán realise that "despite the fact that I had never written explicitly about Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland had written me." Nuclear Family's artistic corollary, the critically acclaimed multimedia-performance-lecture: Look Behind You! ™ A Father and Son's Impressions of The Troubles in Northern Ireland through Photograph and Song was born.

Amongst other things, Look Behind You! ™ promotes the Yeatsian/Heaney notion that "The End Of Art Is Peace".
Look Behind You!™ is a multidisciplinary project that shows how a father and son have negotiated the personal and socio-political landscapes of Northern Ireland. A melding of image and voice, the project showcases the prize-winning photojournalism of Steafán's father, Bobbie Hanvey.

Also included are radio-edits of Bobbie's radio interviews with some of Northern Ireland’s best-known political and cultural figures. These are complemented and contextualized by news-flash bulletins and Steafán's own story-telling, the latter coming in the form of his own critically acclaimed song-writing and the presentation of complex issues in an engaging manner.

Steafán will perform Look Behind You!™ on July 1st at 13.00 at the Capstone Theatre.

“Look Behind You! A multi-media presentation by Irish singer-songwriter Steafán Hanvey, brilliantly blends his father Bobbie’s iconic photographs of the Troubles with his own beautifully crafted words, music and lyrics to offer audiences a moving and memorable experience. Boston College

“Steafán Hanvey is thoughtful, intelligent and reflective about the culture and family that shaped him, as well as how it has influenced and defined his recent album, 'Nuclear Family’. When I first learned about Steafán and Bobbie Hanvey, I knew their story was something special. One that deserved to be told through the very art that it had inspired.”


"Nuclear Family is a brilliant album."

New York Irish Voice

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