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New Fellows inducted into Halls

Halls Fellows Friday 16 October 2015

The University’s Governing Council held a special dinner to induct new Fellows into the Halls.

Among those invited to take a pledge and receive a certificate were Liverpool Councillor Gary Millar, Chief Executive Officer of Everton in the Community Denise Barrett-Baxendale and Liverpool historian Ken Pye. 

Several Hope staff were also inducted, and tasked with the role of building relationships with resident students, to guide and inspire them.

A Fellow of a Hall forms part of its senior patronage and takes an interest in those who pass through that Hall from year to year. Since students need to be inspired to think big thoughts and engage with the human predicament, Fellows may act as advisers and mentors when possible, or help students benefit from their significant social networks.

The new Fellows include:

Dr Phil Bamber – Teresa

Dr Denise Barrett-Baxendale - Angela

Dr Wendy Bignold – St Michael’s

Professor Bill Chambers – St Margaret’s

Mrs Fiona Chambers – St Agnes

Mr Graham Donelan - Wesley

Dr Bryce Evans - St Julie’s

Professor Daniel Jeyaraj – Austin

Mr Gary Millar – Gerald Manley Hopkins

Professor Roger Phillips – Austin

Mr Ken Pye – St Etheldreda/St Elphin

Mr David Sennett – Newman 

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