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New learning lab opens to students from September

Learning lab Wednesday 8 July 2015

From September 2015, students at Liverpool Hope will be able to use a brand new learning lab - an innovative space which fuses new and emerging technologies with traditional teaching tools.

The lab has been designed with students in mind and utilises wireless technology and collaboration tools to adopt new approaches to teamwork and invention. The University has created an advanced classroom space and it is an ideal environment for students to collaborate academically with each other.

Students will be free to bring their own devices to the space and will be able to research, create and share their work using the centrally controlled display screens around the room through the use of new dynamic switching technology. The space can be used to facilitate cross-group, whole room and remote collaboration. These modern technologies, teamed with 'old school' classroom technologies, create an environment that is adaptable and instantly useable for everyone.

Dr Penny Haughan, Dean of Students, said, “As well as being ideal for innovation, this space will provide a rich ground for generating new and exciting ideas. We have proposed a number of potential learning scenarios that could maximise the efficacy of this space, which could both blend with our integrated curriculum model and the Liverpool Hope University Network of Communities of Practice.”

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