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Nutrition students put healthy eating on the menu for teenagers

nutrition event Toxteth 2015 Friday 13 March 2015

Nutrition Students from Liverpool Hope University put their skills into practice by hosting a specially-designed healthy eating session for young people in Toxteth.

As part of their BSc Nutrition course, the Liverpool Hope students were challenged to research, devise and prepare a fully balanced menu for an age group of their choice. The students opted to create a menu that meets all of the daily dietary requirements of teenagers, and that also incorporates government advice on the ‘8 tips to eating well’.

They spent the day cooking up their menus and then brought examples of their balanced meals to Toxteth Fire Fit Hub on Upper Warwick Street, where they delivered presentations to young people about their menus and what they can do to stay healthy. Liverpool Hope made the connection with Toxteth Fire Fit Hub via the Hope Business Gateway. 

Sean Hayes, Katy Haigh and Catharine Hume created a menu which included blueberry porridge, salmon with sweet potato and broccoli, and carrot, onion and ginger soup.

Sean said: “The salmon is ideal for teenagers as it is a way of replacing bad fats with the good fats (polyunsaturates and monounsaturates). These can help lower cholesterol and promote a healthy heart.”

Catherine Hume said: “Both the soup and the sweet potato are good for teenagers because they are slow release foods which will help keep them going through the day.”

Katy Haigh added: “Sweet potato is really good for you because it has very little fat, and the onion and ginger in the soup can also act as anti-inflammatories. I am really enjoying my course and I am also learning a lot about how to balance my own meals to get the best out of what I eat.” 

Dr Ieva Alaunyte, Lecturer in Nutrition, said: “This is a great learning experience for our students just as much as it has been a chance for them to share their knowledge of nutrition with young people.  We are told a lot about what we should and shouldn’t eat – but in designing and preparing these meals, they are finding out what makes a healthy portion and what the key components are for a meal for this age group.”  

 Jennifer Van der Merwe, Centre Manager, Toxteth Fire Fit Hub said: “The Fire Fit Hub is a Super Youth Zone, and a state of the art, world class facility for young people. The hub is a place where young people can come to get healthy and have fun in a safe environment. We are very proud to support Liverpool Hope students who are sharing their knowledge and experiences with our members. Young people learn best from each other, and we have the perfect environment for this to take place, where we promote health, wellbeing, physical activity, and creativity to young people, and encourage them to be the best they can be”.

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