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Patrick Wagner exhibit on display at Cornerstone Gallery

Patrick Wagner Friday 2 December 2016

Artwork by renowned German artist Patrick Wagner is now on display in the Cornerstone Gallery.

In collaboration with Intensives Gallery, Wagner’s The Graveyard Prints Series will be showcased in England for the first time, until Thursday 12th January.

The series is a result of his research into medieval small format prints and features etches of tiny skeletons on copper plates, which are then cut up into small shapes, like archaeological digging sites.

Works are printed with chine-collé technique; colourful, Japanese and Chinese paper is laminated on the backing paper, often in two layers.

Patrick Wagner, born 1980 in Speyer (Germany), has a background as a graffiti artist. He lived in Tokyo in 2001 and 2003, working as a video game tester for KOEI. After that, he studied English, before studying at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts (Kiel) and the National University of Fine Arts (Bucharest). After finishing his MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts (Helsinki) with a thesis on collaborative printmaking, he now teaches lithography at the Royal Institute of Art (Stockholm).

The Intensives Gallery was imagined in a dream, somewhere in Liverpool. It organises print projects and exhibitions with artists from around the world. 

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