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People you need to know at the Creative Campus

Steve Foran Wednesday 30 September 2015

Our Creative Campus is home to Music, Drama and Art, as well as our very own Capstone Theatre, where Liverpool Hope students can watch performances from around the world at discount prices and often for free! If you are living, studying or visiting there, here are the key people you need to know:  

1.    Steve Foran (and the Campus Services team)

‌Your safety is paramount to us, that’s why we have a dedicated Security Lodge at the Entrance to Creative Campus. Steve Foran and the Campus Services Team are here to help you, whenever you need them. Whether you need directions to your class or if you need to report a fault with your room, pop over to the Security Lodge and the team will be happy to help. Steve’s top tips: “Don’t be afraid to ask. Study hard and stay safe!"

 Creative Campus lodge: 0151 291 3939 


2.   Professor Gerald Pillay – Vice Chancellor and Rector of Liverpool Hope

Professor Pillay

Professor Pillay is in charge of the whole university, so you will see him around both campuses regularly and at all official university events. Professor Pillay leads the university and is responsible for its vision and development, and for building our profile nationally and internationally.  If you see him around campus, don't forget to say hello.    





‌3.    Rachel Foster, Mark Pountney and Sioux McGee – Faculty Administrators

Arts administrators

 Mark Pountney (centre) is the Music Faculty Administrator and you will also see him on the desk of the Capstone Theatre, where you can ask him any questions.

You can find Rachel Foster (Department of Drama, Dance and Performance Studies Administrator, left) and Sioux McGee (Fine and Applied Art Faculty Administrator, right) in Cornerstone Building, room 112 (COR112). 

Mark’s top tip: “Take some time to read your course handbook - it’s the key to everything you need to know about how your course is run, and what is expected of you. It will see you through each year.”

Rachel’s top tip: “If you don’t know, ask! We’re all very friendly. Even if we don’t know the answer ourselves, we can usually find out for you, or find someone who does.”

Music Faculty Office: 0151 291 3284

Fine and Applied Art Faculty Office: 0151 291 3516

Drama, Dance and Performance Studies Faculty Office: 0151 291 3672

‌   4.    Helen Pickavance a‌nd  Rachel Kinsella (Senior Library Assistants for the Creative Campus) and Angela  Duckworth (pictured) (Subject Librarian for Fine & Applied Art; Drama, Dance & Performance; Music  and Theology, Philosophy & Religious Studies). 

 The Creative Campus has its own library full of resources, and you can also have books delivered  there from Hope Park’s Sheppard-Worlock library. The library team can tell you what is available, help you locate books and order resources from other  libraries. Angela’s top tip: “Make yourself familiar with how the library works and the resources on offer, as soon as possible. We have online and physical resources, unique to your subjects, and you can also use the Sheppard-Worlock library at Hope Park. If you have any questions, we’re here to help!”    

 Visit the library website pages



 5. Neil Campbell(Hall Manager and Creative Campus Venue Manager) and Megan O'Neill (Senior Resident Tutor) ‌  

neil campbell      Megan O Neill 

Megan and Neil work together to ensure that students have the best possible residential experience at The Creative Campus. If you have any ideas on how to make your residential life even better, just let them know. Neil also runs the Capstone Theatre so you can ask him what’s on and how you can get involved with the theatre. If you have any issues with residential life at the Creative Campus or if you want to use the Capstone Theatre to put on your own performances or events, Neil is the person to speak to.    

Contact Neil on: 0151 291 3419

 Capstone Theatre




All Steinway

Did you know that the Music Department at our Creative Campus is one of only a handful of All-Steinway Music Schools in the UK and, in addition to a Steinway Model D in the Capstone Theatre, also boasts a suite of sound-proofed practice rooms, all equipped with Steinway pianos? 

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