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Psychology Department present at international conferences

Psychology Conference 2016 Thursday 8 September 2016

The Psychology Department was well represented by members of the Perception & Action Research Group, the Aesthetic Brain Research Group and the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group at two international conferences held in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr Neil Harrison, Dr Letizia Palumbo, Dr Giulia Rampone and Professor Galina Paramei presented at the 39th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) and the 4th Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC).

At ECVP, Dr Harrison presented a poster, co-authored by his undergraduate dissertation student Linda Jakubowiczowá, entitled: Crossmodal transfer of emotion by music is greater for social compared to non-social visual cues: An event-related potential (ERP) study. Professor Paramei co-authored a poster on Composite facial expressions: Half-face diagnostic features dominate emotion discrimination.

Dr Giulia Rampone also presented a poster, titled: Neurophysiological investigation of the role of (reflection) symmetry in figure-ground segregation, and co-authored a talk on Neural responses to partially occluded symmetry, which was delivered by Dr M Bertamini, University of Liverpool.

At VSAC, Professor Paramei delivered a talk, co-authored by her undergraduate dissertation student Megan Snellock, on The role of art expertise in aesthetic appraisal of representational and abstract artwork. Dr Harrison presented a poster, co-authored by Dr Davies, titled: The influence of graphic long-term memories and attentional priming on drawing accuracy. Meanwhile, Dr Palumbo presented a poster titled Visual preference and approach response for smooth curvature, and Dr Rampone co-authored a talk delivered by Dr A Makin, University of Liverpool - How does perceptual goodness relate to aesthetic merit?

The presentations and talks were well received by participants at both conferences, with Professor Paramei invited to submit a paper and collaborate with a colleague from Ramon Llull University in Barcelona through the University’s Erasmus programme.

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