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Sound City means even more than music

Nicola photography 150x150 Wednesday 20 May 2015

Whilst students from Liverpool Hope’s music department perform on conference and outdoor stages at this weekend’s Sound City, our Media and Communication students will also be showing their talents.

Nicola Jones will be exhibiting her photography work on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd May in the Titanic hotel.  Nicola’s exhibition takes the alphabet as its theme, and 26 images will be displayed - in alphabetical order of course - around the venue.

Nicola says: “All of the photographs show alphabet letters and shapes found in architecture, everyday objects or created through shadows and artistic lighting.  I took up this theme for my project as I knew it'd be a challenge and I wanted something that would be interesting and exciting to find the subjects for. I wanted to be involved with Sound City as it's such an iconic event that happens on the docks every year and it's an honour to have my work displayed there.”

A team led by director Sam Cooper will also showcase their new short film during the festival. The film, Bad Blood, charts a relationship between a couple that gradually becomes more and more abusive. Sam came up with an outline last summer, and over the past eight months, the group has gone on to develop the script and storyboards, audition and cast actors, film, produce, sound mix and edit.

Sam says: “As it is a twenty minute film, we wanted there to be a very heavy build-up of pace.  We see the relationship between the couple develop for the worse as the film goes on, and we wanted to capture that movement in the plot, the shots we chose, and the sound.  This is the first time that the film will be exhibited publicly and we hope that people will be able to see how plot, dialogue, sound and camera technique all work together.”

He adds: “We were told at the start of the year that there was a chance our work could be selected for Sound City, which was a great incentive for us. After the festival we also plan to send it to some local film festivals. Although Sound City attracts big international artists, it is also very much about Liverpool and the talent in the city, which is great. Our tutor, Francis Vose, has been very supportive and we have all benefited from his industry experience. Having done this degree, I feel prepared for my next steps, which is to work with a production company, and also buy my own equipment and start working on my next screenplay.”   

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