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Student Switch Off winners crowned

Energy Friday 13 May 2016

A campaign to reduce the University’s energy consumption and increase sustainability, saw Halls of Residence students battle it out to be crowned winners.

The NUS Student Switch Off campaign saw students compete to save energy by switching lights off, boiling only the amount of water they need and wearing extra layers.

At a special end of year celebration, Wesley Evens was announced as the Hall that made the biggest impact and named the winners.

Across the year-long programme, the Halls reduced their electricity use by seven per cent, saving enough energy to keep 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and boil over 800,000 cups of tea.

Students' Union Vice-President of Welfare and Community Ayo Akinrele, who presented the award, said: “Now of course switching things off isn’t going to solve climate change on its own, but saving energy is a great stepping stone and the actions that we encouraged students to adopt will help them save money on bills when they move into private accommodation.

“Student volunteers also get transferable skills and experience in marketing, communication and campaigning. And of course everyone benefits from the reduced greenhouse gas emissions.”

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