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Top tips: making the most out of your Open Day visit

Thursday 8 September 2016

Open Days are a great way to decide if a university is the right fit for you.

Our Recruitment Officer Charlotte Hall shares her top tips to make your Open Day visit count!

Research, research, research

At least a week before Open Day, visit the university website and check out the courses you are interested in. Plan to attend at least one or two subject talks on the day. If you’re torn between a couple of subjects, this is your chance to find out more!

And the answer is…

Bring a list of questions with you, especially if you are visiting different unis. Think about the things that are really important to you and write a list of questions that address these things. Ask the same questions at each university you visit and then compare. Remember that no question is too small, or too silly, and that Open Day staff and students will certainly have heard it before! It’s the so-called ‘small’ things that can really put your mind at rest.

Find out from the experts…current students!

There will be lots of students and alumni around on Open Days giving tours and ready to answer your questions. There really is nothing like honest, first-hand experience to help you make your mind up.

Smile for the camera

 Make sure that your phone or tablet is charged up so that you can take lots of photos of the campus. This is especially useful if you are visiting a few universities.  

Get social!

Follow the uni you are visiting on twitter, facebook and Instagram and take a look at the videos on their You Tube channel. In the run up, they’ll be posting useful info like directions, and on the day, they’ll post any changes to the Open Day schedule. There’s also a good chance they’ll be running competitions so you could also bag yourself a prize!

We’ll be using #HOPENDAY on our @LiverpoolHopeUK and @LivHopeCreative accounts and running a photo competition!

Get to know your way around

Download or print out a campus map so that you can get a real feel for the layout. Are there any new facilities or buildings you want to see? Don’t worry if you get lost; there will be plenty of students and staff around to direct you!

Get to know the neighbours

Walk around the neighbourhood surrounding the university – you could be living there for the next three years, so this is a great way to get a feel for the place. Even if you are from Liverpool, coming to uni here will show you a new side to the city!

There’s more to uni than studying

Look at extra-curricular activities on offer – visit the SU where you can find out about sports and societies. You’re going to university for the whole experience, not just the academic side. University gives you a chance to grow as a person, try something new, and follow your passion.

Don’t just leave it at one visit…

Remember – you don’t have to leave it to just one visit. You can contact the recruitment team for a more personalised tour afterwards, or you can call, email or tweet any questions you may have!

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