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Tutu Undergraduate War and Peace Society wins award for best new society

War and Peace Studies Wednesday 3 June 2015

The Tutu Undergraduate War and Peace Society (TUWP) has been awarded Best New Society 2014/15 by the Liverpool Hope Students' Union.

The TUWP groups aim is to get students involved in the Tutu Centre by looking at war and peace from a more relaxed angle, promoting creative thinking using movies and documentaries to prompt discussion in line with political, peace and international al relations theory. The society uses innovative means such as films to evoke emotions which in turn support a resourceful outlook and diverse opinions.

TUWP is an interdisciplinary group that is not limited to politics or international relations students, where cross boundary thinking and input is encouraged to allow for a more well-rounded and knowledgeable student who is not limited in thinking to their one area of studies. The society discusses how conflicts could have been solved differently, for example what you would have done had you been an U.N official or state leader or civilian and how theory applies to this in real world situations. Hopefully this will help students to connect theory to practice in international relations and politics.

Paul McEntree, President of TUWP, said: "The Tutu Undergraduate War and Peace Society (TUWP) has been a relatively new creation within the University student union. In December 2014 there was a push by the society’s president and the committee to make it an official society to attract the attention and funds from the Student Union. Thankfully after all the hard work made to recruit first year students and the effort to make T.U.W.P. a multi-disciplinary society has been recognised by the Student Union. As an academic year now comes to a close and a new committee appointed, all at the Tutu Centre could only hope for the continuing expansion of T.U.W.P. and its enduring success. Many thanks for all who have helped support the society."

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