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What it's like to work in one of the fastest growing areas of Sports Science

sports science 150 Wednesday 11 November 2015

Liverpool Hope’s Skill Acquisition & Human Movement Science (MSc) course operates in “one of the fastest growing areas of sports science,” according to Dr Greg Wood, an expert in how anxiety affects footballers taking penalties.  

Dr Wood told the Guardian this week how governing bodies across the UK are beginning to hire experts in these particular areas.  

Dr Wood leads the new course, which looks at the science that underpins how we learn movement and sports performance and why some people choke under pressure. It draws on research from sports psychology, coaching science and neuroscience.

It asks, what makes expert performers ‘experts’ in their field, and explores questions such as how can scientists use different learning techniques in order to enhance the learning and development of novice performers?

One of the first graduates of the Liverpool Hope course, Rosie Beck, who now lectures in the subject and volunteers with a premiership rugby union club, also told the newspaper: “It’s about understanding the learning processes and making it as effective as possible. If you can speed up learning and make sports men and women more resilient to fatigue and psychological stress – if the skills are learned under the right conditions – you can reduce the likelihood of ‘choking’ in sport.” 

Skill Acquisition & Human Movement Science (MSc)

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