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Neil Buckley MSc Computer Science

Friday 22 February 2013

"I enjoyed studying my Bachelor degree here at Liverpool Hope and so decided to continue on to a Master’s degree in Computer Science.  I found the ensuing 12 months challenging, in some respects, but extremely rewarding. 

"During the course, my mind was broadened with many new and exciting concepts I had not previously been exposed to. I had the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and educational systems.

"The degree was structured so that we undertook many small courses, ranging from algorithms to human computer interaction and robotics.  This gave me experience in a range of disciplines.  I took particular interest in the algorithmic and metaheuristic approaches to solving difficult problems, such as using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms.

"I felt that the course had a balanced approach between improving technical scientific skills. The use of Matlab for scientific computation and C/C++ for robotics and network simulations, as well as the raw research skills, is at the heart of academia.  During the year long course I honed my research skills and developed an appreciation for the scientific method.

"For my dissertation, I undertook research in the exciting area of spiking neural networks, which aims to simulate the functioning of real neurons in the brain to solve complex problems. I applied them to magnitude cognition in visual displays.

"I was elated at the end to receive an A+ for my research and a distinction grade, as well as an award from the Institute of Engineering and Technology for Student Excellence.  More importantly, this course has rounded out my academic skills and prepared me for my PhD. I can’t help but highly recommend the Masters programme at Hope."