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Department of Psychology

Research in the Department

Research Excellence Framework 2014

Psychology REF Infographic

The research activity of the Department reflects the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of scientific psychological inquiry. Quantitative and qualitative research methods are employed to explore psychological processes across a variety of perspectives.

The results of the Research Excellence Framework 2014 indicate that 86% of our research activity has been rated internationally excellent or internationally significant.


Research groups

The research interests of the Department of Psychology uses experimental and applied approaches to examine cognitive, biological, developmental, clinical, health and social processes of human behaviour. 

There a number of research groups that encompass our interests:


Investigates the individual and social factors that promote physical and psychological well-being throughout the lifespan.

Members: Dr Antonio Zuffianò (Group Leader), Dr Sue Aitken, Prof Rosanna Cousins, Dr Jane McCagh and Mrs Julienne McGeough 


Focuses on explaining how differences in biological, cognitive, social and emotional development impact on the progress children make in education settings.

Members: Dr Lorna Bourke (Group Leader), Dr Simon Davies, Dr Antonio Zuffianò, Dr Belen Lopez-Perez, Dr Glen Pennington and Dr Tom Gallagher-Mitchell


Aims to investigate the link between the human brain and psychological functions.

Members: Dr Neil Harrison (Group Leader), Dr Nicola Jones, Dr Letizia Palumbo and Dr Michiel Spape


Is interested in the study of human memory processes ranging from basic cognitive processes through to clinical applications.

Members: Dr Dan Clark (Group Leader), Dr Lorna Bourke, Dr Nicola Jones, Dr Jane McCagh, Dr Glen Pennington and Prof Michael Zeissler


Is dedicated to studying various topics of visual perception, auditory-visual integration and interaction of perception and action, including action prediction.

Members: Prof Galina Paramei (Group Leader), Dr Neil Harrison, Dr Letizia Palumbo, Dr Michiel Spape, Dr Yue Yue, Prof Michael Ziessler


Has a mix of emerging and established researchers who are dedicated to the study of social and political psychology.

Members: Prof Neil Ferguson (Group Leader), Dr Eve Binks and Mrs Julienne McGeough


Explores aesthetic experience for a variety of visual stimuli and its neural correlates in typical and atypical populations. 

Members: Dr Letizia Palumbo (Group Leader), Dr Neil Harrison and Prof Galina Paramei