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Shakespeare for Schools

This series of lectures and seminars enables A-level students of English to experience a university-level lecture and seminar based around the themes of Shakespearean Comedy and Shakespearean Tragedy, and what constitutes each.

The overarching narrative for the lectures is informed by the question “Is Shakespeare good for us?” as a means of interrogating the moral questions Shakespeare asks of his audience. Each lecture is followed by break-out seminars which explore texts and the contexts for Shakespeare works. For example, the Tragedy Study Day might include seminars on ‘Aristotle on Tragedy’ and ‘Shakespeare in Popular Culture’, as well as a seminar closely examining a Shakespeare play. Schools can specify which texts they would prefer to examine based on their own curriculum specifications.

The day also includes the opportunity to talk to current Hope staff and students about university life and studying English at university.


Dates and Times: 

Wednesday  11 February 2015 (Tragedy) 10.00am-15.30pm

Wednesday 4 March (Comedy) 10.00am-15.30pm

Wednesday 18 March (Tragedy) 10.00am-15.30pm



For further details please contact:

Dr Kate Ash