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Adnane Alaoui

Dr Adnane Alaoui

Business School
0151 291 3932
Arts and Humanities

After earning a Bachelors degree in Business Administration (B.B.A) with a specialty in Marketing from HEC-Montreal, in Canada, Adnane has completed a Masters of Science (MS) in Marketing at Drexel University, in Philadelphia, USA. Then he has worked in the International department of Johnson & Johnson, USA, before discovering the academic world where he has taught a wide array of Marketing classes for 8 years, while acting as a Marketing consultant on projects sponsored by the European Union (EU), and on others sponsored by the United Nation’s Industrial Development Organization (ONIDO). Afterwards, Adnane was awarded a PhD degree from The University of Edinburgh, where he has also been involved in teaching for 2 years.

His research interests include using Stochastic Models to predict, as well as describe and explain consumer behaviour in relation to frequently purchased consumer products, and more specifically in relation to consumer choices with respect to Stores, product categories, brands and brand-sizes, simultaneously.


Two papers have been submitted lately: 

Probabilistic Modelling and Analysis of Consumer Purchase Decisions Part I: Models and Estimation & Segmentation Methodology

Probabilistic Modelling and Analysis of Consumer Purchase Decisions Part II: Analysis of The Sequence of Purchase Decisions 



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