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0009 Ms Babs Anderson

Dr Babs Anderson

Early Childhood Studies
0151 291 3159

My academic qualifications include a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Biology and German Literature, PGCE, MA in Education Studies, PGC in LTHE and I am currently studying for an Educational Doctorate. I have been awarded four Best Practice Research Scholarships whilst teaching in a Primary School.  My research interests include Young children’s learning, Student learning in HE, Well-being, Threshold concepts and Problem-based learning. I teach on the Childhood studies team, leading a second-year optional element: Young Children’s Well-being, and a third year optional element: Working Together, Supporting Children and Families. I teach on other courses in Childhood Studies, such as Understanding Early Childhood. Other teaching roles include tutor within the Disciplines and Issues first year course for Education studies and Professional studies within the QTS programme. Recent publications include a chapter on using the creative arts for collaboration within an edited book, Creativity in the Classroom: Case Studies in using the arts in teaching and learning in Higher Education (Dec 2012) and an article ‘Researching the role of dialogue, writing and critical reflection in unlearning for students with professional backgrounds’ (awaiting publication). 



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