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Laura Bui

Dr Laura Bui

School of Social Science
0151 291 3552
Arts and Humanities

Laura Bui is Lecturer in Criminology and Chartered Psychologist. She is also Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She was a postdoctoral researcher at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Queen Mary University of London on the National Institute for Health Research-funded project, Improving risk management in mental health services: A multi-methods approach. She had worked on other projects, in the US, at the National Council on Crime and Delinquency as well as the National Network on Immigrant and Refugee Rights in Oakland, California; Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Boston, Massachusetts; and, in the UK, Amnesty International and Refugee Action.


Her educational background is in criminology and psychology, whereby she completed a BA and Minor at the University of California, Irvine and a MA in Psychology at Boston University. She attained her PhD from the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge for research on youth offending in Japan based on the risk factor prevention paradigm. This work compared violence between American and Japanese youths using quantitative analyses.



Laura’s research is on social crime prevention. It broadly focuses on psychosocial influences on violence, and it takes an international and comparative approach with special attention to the underrepresented and minority. Her current study is on Japan, examining risk and protective factors of offending among young people. Her co-authored book, Crime in Japan: A psychological perspective, will be published by Palgrave in 2018.


She has conducted work addressing issues specific to immigrant groups in the US and UK in the development of interpersonal violence. One of these studies was awarded a highly commended prize by the Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence in 2017.


Her research uses quantitative methods; she is versed in SPSS and STATA.



Laura is Course Leader for Psychological Criminology (Level H, year 3) and joint Course Leader for Introduction to Criminology (Level C, year 1). For the course on Social Research Methods (Level I, year 2), she teaches SPSS. She also teaches on the MA Criminology programme and is Tutor to first and second year students.



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