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Ian Mahoney

Dr Ian Mahoney

School of Social Science
0151 291 3553
Arts and Humanities

I am currently a Lecturer in Criminology in the department of Social Science. After completing a BA Dual Hons in Criminology and History at Keele University, I undertook an MRes in Social Science Research Methods in Social Relations and then proceeded to read for a PhD in Criminology which was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.  

My current research is focused upon the experiences of unemployment upon people's senses of identity and its impact on crime.  I am interested in the way in which experiences are influenced by deprivation, social exclusion, as well as the influence of political and media debates surrounding these phenomena.

I teach across all threes years of the academic programme and I am also Awards Director for the MA's in Sociology and Criminology

Recent publications

 Mahoney, I. (2017) 'Definitions and the counting of crime' in Harding, J., Davies, P. and Mair, G. (Eds.) An introduction to criminal justice, London: Sage

Mahoney, I. and Kearon, T. (forthcoming) 'Formulating the post-industrial self: the role of petty crime among unemployed, working-class men in Stoke-on-Trent' in Walker, C. and Roberts, S. (Eds.) Masculinity, Labour and Neoliberalism: working-class men in international perspective, Basingstoke: Palgrave

Op Eds

Mahoney, I. (2016) 'Censoring the Terrors of War' in Open Democracy [Online] 19th Sept 2016 available at



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