Chloe Mullet

Ms Chloe Mullett

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Arts and Humanities

I am a multi-instrumentalist composer-performer with an interest in a range of classical and popular music practices. My most recent large-scale project was performed on 19th November 2014, a collaboration with John McGrath for Liverpool's unique IMMIX ensemble, a mixed six-piece, containing two commissions and four further arrangements of John's existing releases. You can read a review of the concert here.  

I also have an ongoing interest in record production, refreshed in the summer of 2014 when I recorded and arranged with Liverpool band China Crisis, on their first studio album for twenty years: Autumn in the Neighbourhood is scheduled for release in early 2015.

My PhD research at Manchester Metropolitan University investigates affect, valorisation, decision making and affordances in my improvisatory compositional practice. The project I undertook in summer 2014, Accord/Doloroso, illustrates some of my research interests, where the innate properties of the accordion combined with my own musical skill-set (or effectivities) to produce affordances within my improvisation, which I overdubbed with a vocal improvisation. I then transcribed the recording I made of this improvisation and arranged it for the ensemble Scottish Voices, a female vocal quartet, re-articulating the qualities of drones, bellows and breath in a new musical context. This piece is to be performed in February 2015, with the kind support of MMU and Graham Hair.

In terms of collaboration in cross-arts creative practice, I have been fortunate enough to work with dancer-researcher Sarah Black and also Gemma Breed to create Instar, a dance-music-video work initiated in my artist residency at Axis OpenSpace in January 2013. We gave a lecture-recital performance of Instar at the international conference Music Since 1900, held at Liverpool Hope University in September 2013. 

Solo projects include music inspired by the sounds of London Underground's Victoria Line and the Paris Metro, using a Yamaha WX7 midi wind controller to trigger samples in a surround sound context, a version of which was performed at the Axis Arts Centre in November 2013. My interest in composing music for film was encouraged by Silent Liverpool, and a recording of my performance at MelloMello in April 2014 for Segundo De Chomòn's Le Spectre Rouge (1907) was on show at the Music and Screen Media Conference at the University of Liverpool in June 2014. 

Past performance, recording and broadcast experience includes a BBC Radio 1 session for John Peel, studio session work for Half Man Half Biscuit ('When The Evening Sun Goes Down' on Cammell Laird Social Club), recording with Elfin Spurs for Roger Hill's PMS Show on BBC Radio Merseyside, live broadcast performance for Gideon Coe on BBC Radio 6, and a session for XFM. With  indie-rock band Marlowe (Probe Records) I represented Liverpool at South By Southwest (Texas) and Popkomm (Berlin). As a guest in other ensembles, I have performed at the Green Man Festival with Laura Rossi's Orchestra Celeste, Nozstock with Liverpool-based ensemble Brood, and most recently at the also festival with Legends of Flight. I have an on-going interest in and appreciation of Liverpool's jazz scene, and I have benefited from support from Liverpool Hope University's partners Milapfest to study with Rakesh Chaurasia to learn about Hindustani bansuri flute playing and improvisation.

I recently joined the band a.P.A.t.T.