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0172 Dr Kathleen Orlandi

Dr Kathleen Orlandi

Early Childhood Studies
0151 291 3014

I was trained as a teacher at Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, in the 1970s. I taught in a London comprehensive school for ten years and was Head of the Geography Department before becoming Head of Upper School (Years 10&11). After moving to the North West of England, I became more involved in the primary school sector, developing an interest in citizenship education. It was during this time that involvement with younger children inspired me to study the Early Childhood. My MA (University of Lancaster) was in Education Management and incorporated the interest in early years and citizenship. My PhD study was about children's experiences from 3-7 years old in settings providing education and care. The work focused on the children's perspectives rather than adult notions of quality experiences. Recent research involves the nature of professional development for practitioners in Education. I am especially interested in the role of dialogue in learning and teaching in higher education. I am a senior lecturer on the Early Childhood Studies team.


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