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0200 Dr Denise Roche

Dr Denise Roche

Health Sciences
0151 291 3293

I am a Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and part of the School of Health Sciences with 19 years experience as a University lecturer. My undergraduate/postgraduate degrees include Human Movement Studies from Carnegie, Leeds Metropolitan University (1993) and an MSc in Sports Science from Loughborough University (1994) respectively, where I specialised in physiology and biomechanics.  I have a PhD in Paediatric Exercise Physiology from Liverpool John Moores University entitled ‘Physical activity, physical fitness, HbA1c and skin microvascular reactivity in children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes’. I also have a PG.Cert. in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and have been a Fellow of the HE Academy since 2004.

My main specialism is exercise physiology and health. I am research active and have presented my research in the UK, Europe and the States. My current interests are the vascular and metabolic responses to chronic training. I have previously worked in collaboration with Wigan Athletic Youth Academy and Everton Ladies FC. I am the award director for the MSc in Applied Exercise Physiology and head of year 3 on the BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science. My teaching and both postgraduate and undergraduate dissertation supervision typically focuses on my specialisms; exercise and health, especially cardiovascular adaptations to exercise.


Recent Publications 

Unnithan, V.B.,  Roche, D.M., Garrard, M., Holloway, K., Marwood, S. (2015) Oxygen uptake kinetics in trained adolescent females. European Journal of Applied Physiology.  115: 213 – 220.

Unnithan, V.B, Rowland, T., George, K., Lindley, M.R., Roche, D.M. (2015). Regional and global left ventricular function following a simulated 5 KM race in sports-trained adolescents. Pediatric Cardiology. 36: 2, pp 322-328.

Unnithan, V.B., Rowland, T., Lindley M.R., Roche, D.M., Garrard, M. and Barker, P. (2015). Cardiac Strain During Upright Cycle Ergometry in Adolescent Males.  Echocardiography; 32:4, pp 638–643.

Fan, P., Rowland, T., Unnithan, V., Barker, P., Guerra, M., Roche, D., Lindley, M. (2012). Continuing medical education activity in echocardiography. Echocardiography 29(5): 522

Roche, D.M. et al. (2012) Skin microvascular reactivity in trained adolescents. In: Issues in Physiology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Medicine: 2011 Edition, Chapter 1. Scholarly Editions, Atlanta, Georgia.

Rowland, T., Unnithan, V., Barker, P., Guerra, M., Roche, D., Lindley, M. (2012) Orthostatic effects on echocardiographic measures of ventricular function. Echocardiography Journal, 29(5):523-527.

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Rowland, T., Unnithan, V., Roche, D., Garrard, M., Holloway, K., Marwood, S. (2011) Myocardial Function and aerobic fitness in adolescent females. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 1991-1997.

Roche, D.M., Rowland, T., Garrard, M., Marwood., Unnithan, V.B. (2010) Cutaneous Microvascular Reactivity in Trained Versus Untrained Male Adolescents. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 108(6) 1201-1208.


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