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Dr Helen McCartney

School of Social Science
0151 291 3742
Arts and Humanities

Dr Helen McCartney completed an ESF funded PhD at Liverpool John Moores University, School of Education, Community and Leisure in 2007. 

Her research examined the nature and salience of age discrimination in the UK with a special focus on the concept of a 'double jeopardy' for women. From this research emerged an interest in the life course from infancy to youth, adulthood to older age and dying. 

Her current research is on the grandparent-grandchild relationship, particularly the challenges and benefits of providing informal care and the stereotypes associated with grandparents and age.

Recent research focuses on the significance of grandparents' from the child's perspective and uses an art based approach to elicit children's view on their grandparents or 'older people' who care for them. 

Research interests: representations of childhood; youth and older age; inter generational relationships;cultural gerontology and; the social and psychological consequences of age (youth and older) discrimination.

Dr McCartney is also interested in the gender dimension of ageing, particularly with regards to the body, dress and identity. 



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