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Dr Hakan Acar

School of Social Science
0151 291 3911
Arts and Humanities

Acar, graduated from Hacettepe University School of Social Work/Ankara/Turkey in 1996 and continued his post graduate education at the same department/University. In 2011, Acar appointed to Kocaeli University as a founder chair of social work department. He became professor in 2014 and worked in Kocaeli University till 2017.

His research interests include street children, child labor, child protection systems, social work values and ethics, youth policy, poverty and social work education. He has worked as executive member of IFSW Europe e.V. (International Federation of Social Workers, European Region) for three-year period (2012-2015) and then elected as executive board member of EASSW (European Association of School of Social Work) in 2015 for four-year period.

He is now working as Lecturer and MA Program Lead in the School of Social Sciences of Liverpool Hope University.

Recent Publictions

Spolander, G., .... Acar, H. & “Mapping social work across ten countries: structure, intervention, identity and challenges”. (Under review). International Social Work. 1-15. Sage Publications.

Acar, H., Coban Icagasioglu A. & Polat, G. (Editors) (2017) A Research on Corruption, Ethical Violations and Ethical Problems in Turkish Social Services. (Publication Editors: Ioanna Kucuradi & Nese Sahin). Published by: Turkish Philosophy Institute (in Turkish)

Reamer, G.F. (2018). Sosyal Hizmet Etiği ve Değerleri (Social Work Ethics & Values). (Translation Editor: H. Acar) Ankara. Nika Publications.

Acar, H., Akar Mürüvvet, Baykara Acar, Y (2016) “Value Tendencies of Social Work Students” Journal of Kastamonu Faculty of Education. Vol: 24, No: 1. (In Turkish).

Ozkan, Ö., Baykara Acar, Y. & Acar, H. (2015) "Opposition to Organ Donation and Transplantation: The Case of Midwifery, Nursing, and Social Work Students". Experimental and Clinical Transplantation, 13, 179-187.

Aslan, C. & Acar, H. (2015) “Role and Functions of Families within Modern Child Protection Systems”. (within) Violence towards Children and Child Protection. Publication of “Strengthening Child Protection Centers Association” (In Turkish).

Acar, H. (2014) Social Work with Victims of Human Trafficking. Publication of Association of Family Consultants, Antalya. (In Turkish)


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