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Dr Katarina Pijetlovic

School of Law
0151 291 3646
Arts and Humanities

Dr. Katarina Pijetlovic is a Senior Lecturer in EU Law and Sports Law at Liverpool Hope University. Prior to joining the Law Department in October 2015, she was a visiting scholar at ISDE Global Sports Law Master Programme (Colombia University) in 2014, and a Lecturer and Researcher at Tallinn Law School and the University of Helsinki 2004-2015. In 2016/2017 she was a Course Leader in Sports Law at MBA Programme in Football Industries (University of Liverpool).

Katarina obtained her Master degree (2004), Licentiate degree (2009) and Doctorate degree (2015) from the University of Helsinki, Finland. 

Over the past ten years, her research centred on European and global sports law and policy, including aspects of governance and business of sport. In particular, various topics on the relationship between EU economic law and sports industry, as well as fundamental rights of athletes in investigation of corruption and anti-doping offences, played a big part in her research. She presented her findings at numerous conferences all over the world.

Katarina is the author of the only monograph on the market addressing the application of EU economic provisions to UEFA clauses designed to prevent establishment of alternative leagues in football.  

She serves as a legal representative for sports leagues, clubs, and athletes in cases that are interesting for her research. She believes that practice-based study of novel cases can in turn deliver original academic outputs, and ultimately translate well in her lectures.



Katarina Pijetlovic, “EU Sports Law and Breakaway Leagues in Football”, Springer (ASSER International Sports Law Series) (2015).


Katarina Pijetlovic, “Another Classic of EU Sports Jurisprudence: Legal Implications of Case C 325/08 Olimpique Lyonnais v. Olivier Bernard and Newcastle United”, Sweet & Maxwell: European Law Review, 35, 858-869, (2010). Also published as a Focus Article in Sweet & Maxwell: European Current Law, ix-xxvii, (April 2010).


Katarina Pijetlovic, “Reform of the EC Antitrust Enforcement: Criticism of the New System Is Highly Exaggerated” vol. 25, issue 6. Sweet & Maxwell:European Competition Law Review, pp. 356-369, (2004).


Katarina Pijetlovic, “European Model of Sport: Alternative Structures”. In Jack Anderson, Richard Parrish and Borja Garcia “Handbook on Sports Law” Edward Elgar (forthcoming 2017)


Katarina Pijetlovic, “EU Competition Law and Organisational Rules in Sports”. In Antoine Duval and Ben Van Rompuy (eds) “The Legacy of Bosman: Re-visiting the Relationship between EU Law and Sport” Springer (ASSER International Sports Law Series) (2016), pp. 117-151.


Katarina Pijetlovic, “Fundamental Rights of Athletes in the EU post-Lisbon”. In “Protecting Human Rights in the EU: Controversies and Challenges of the Charter of Fundamental Rights”, Springer (2013).


Katarina Pijetlovic, “Estonia: Legal Regulation of Sports Betting under the New Gambling Act” in Robert Siekmann et al, ed. “Sports Betting: Law and Policy”, Asser/Springer (2012), pp-363-382.


Katarina Pijetlovic and Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, “Liberalising the Service Market for Satellite Transmission: Interplay Between Intellectual Property Rights, Specificity of Sport and TFEU Economic Provisions in Murphy(Joined Cases C?403/08 and C?429/08)” The International Sports Law Journal 1/2 Asser/Springer (2013).


Katarina Pijetlovic, et al. “Corruption and Manipulation in Sport: Interdisciplinary perspectives” Gaming Law Review and Economics New York: Mary Ann Liebert publishing (April 2013).




Editorial Board,

Peer-reviewer, International Sports Law Journal

Member of the Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union 

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)





§  “Outstanding Student Award” from Concordia International University Estonia in 2001.

§  Soros Supplementary Grants Award in academic year 2000/2001 (USD 4500 for studies and research at LL.B programme).

§  Winner of Estonian Mobile Telephone essay competition for scholarship in academic year 2001/2002 (EEK 35000 = ca. EUR 2300 for best research article on the topic of future of mobile technology).

§  Graduated with honours from LL.B programme in 2002.

§  Fee waiver from University of Helsinki for academic year 2003/2004 (EUR 2500).

§  Distinction from The Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights for the essay submitted on 16th Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law on the subject “Fragmentation and Constitutionalisation in International Law” in 2004.

§  Centre for International Mobility Organisation (CIMO) fellowship, August 2004-March 2005 (EUR 8000 for LL.M research).

§  Letter of thanks: “Thank you for your support to Estonia in a difficult moment”, Estonian Minister of Education and Research, 2007.

§  Chancellor’s Travel Grant, University of Helsinki, 2009 (EUR 900 to give speech at Sport&EU conference in Stirling, UK).

§  Anti-corruption symposium ‘Play the Game’ grant 2009 (ca. EUR 1000 to give speech at the conference in Coventry, UK).

§  EU Law Moot Court Competition “Best written pleadings 2009” award to team from the European Court of Justice (the team leader).

§  Jean Monnet Chair, Tallinn Law School, conference grant 2009 (EUR 740 to participate in a seminar at ASSER International Sports Law Centre in The Hague).

§  Archimedes, ESF DoRa T8 travel grant, 2010 (EUR 1100 to participate in the Sport&EU conference in Ghent, Belgium).

§  Chancellor’s Travel Grant, University of Helsinki, 2010 (EUR 1400 give speech at the World Congress on Sports Law in Seoul organised by International Association of Sports Law).

§  Archimedes, ESF DoRa T8 travel grant, 2010 (EUR 900 to give speech at a conference in Istanbul on International Sport Law and Business).

§  Jean Monnet Chair, Tallinn Law School, conference grant 2010 (EUR 660 for participation in a conference on C-325/08 Bernard case in Brussels).

§  Archimedes, ESF DoRa T8 travel grant, 2011 (EUR 800 for participation in Sport&EU conference in Nottingham, UK).

§  Award for the Best Research Article of the Year 2010, Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Social Science, 2011 (EUR 1750 for article on C-325/08 Bernard case in European Law Review).

§  Florida State University, Sports Management 14th Annual Conference grant (2012).

§  Chancellor’s Travel Grant, University of Helsinki, 2013 (EUR 900 to give a speech at Sport&EU conference in Istanbul 27-28 June).

§  Archimedes, DoRa 2.3 grant to cover salary and expenses of visiting scholar position at ISDE Master Programme in Global Sports Law in New York (3 April-30 Sept 2014). 




·           June 2016, Madrid (Spain), Sport&EU Annual Conference: The ISU case and the role of the EU Commission in the sporting sector: Antitrust and jurisdictional analysis”. 

·           June 2016, Las Vegas (USA), 16th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking: Match Fixing in Professional Tennis”.

·           June 2015, Angers (France), Sport&EU Annual Conference:  A novel legal perspective on Bosman case”.

·           April 2014, Hofstra University (New York), Soccer as the Beautiful Game: “External structures and internal structuring: will European soccer ever adopt American model of sports? ”.

·           October 2013, Aarhus (Denmark), Play The Game conference: The Kafkaesque enforcement of Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Programme”.

·           June 2013, Istanbul (Turkey), Sport&EU Annual Conference: The fight against corruption in sports and the fundamental rights of athletes in the EU Post-Lisbon“.

·           October 2012, Tallahassee (US) Florida State University, Sports Management 14th Annual Conference, Panellist on Research Roundtable on “Corruption, Manipulation and Gambling in Sports”.

·           October 2011, Cologne (Germany) Play The Game conference: “Curious case of draws at the Grand Slam tournaments 2008-2011”.

·           November 2010, Seoul (South Korea), World Congress of Sports Law: “EU law approach to training compensation fees in football”.

·           September 2010, Istanbul (Turkey), International Sport Law and Business conference: “Legal analysis of the ECJ judgment in C-325/08 Bernard”.

·           June 2009, Stirling (UK) Sport&EU annual conference: “Treatment of breakaway structures under EU competition law”.

·           June 2009, Coventry (UK), Play The Game conference: “Power struggles in football and treatment of breakaway structures under EU competition law”.

·           November 2008, Athens (Greece), World Congress on Sports Law: “Convergence between economic provisions of the Treaty in their application to sports”.


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