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Dr Lyndon Way

Business School
0151 291 3828
Arts and Humanities

I have a PhD in Journalism from Cardiff University’s JOMEC programme. It is here I examined how Turkish Cypriot radio news represented various forms of nationalism. I also have a MA in Media Studies from Concordia University in Canada where I researched how music magazines represent progressive politics in popular music. It is these interests, radio, news, music and politics which inform my research and teaching here at Hope. I teach in the integrated Media and Communications branch of our faculty, being second year coordinator.

My research and academic interests and expertise lie in multimodal critical discourse analysis applied to a wide range of popular culture including news, radio and especially popular music. I critically explore issues of social, political and cultural identity, Orientalism, nationalism, ethnicity, populist and personalized politics, digital and virtual media communities, globalisation and transnational media flows. Currently, I am examining newspaper coverage of Turkey’s 2016 attempted coup and completing a monograph which examines issues of identity and politics in social media and popular music. 


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