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Dr Stefanie Kappler

History and Politics
0151 291 3941
Arts and Humanities

I am a Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Director of the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies. I hold a PhD in International Relations from the University of St Andrews. My research interests include local and international peacebuilding, their associated spaces of agency and the role of culture therein. I am particularly interested in the contested and transformative nature of local imaginations of peace and have conducted fieldwork in Bosnia-Herzegovina, South Africa, Cyprus, Brussels, Northern Ireland and the Basque Country. My recent publications include articles on “Peacebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Resistance or Emancipation?” (published in Security Dialogue; co-authored with Oliver Richmond), “Everyday legitimacy in post-conflict spaces: The creation of social legitimacy in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s cultural arenas” (Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding), “Divergent Transformation and Centrifugal Peacebuilding: The EU in Bosnia-Herzegovina” (International Peacekeeping) and "The Emerging EU Peacebuilding Framework: Confirming or Transcending Liberal Peacebuilding?" (Cambridge Review of International Affairs; co-authored with Oliver Richmond and Annika Björkdahl). I have also published book chapters in edited volumes and have recently published a monograph on the role of local actors in peacebuilding operations in Bosnia, South Africa and Cyprus. I coordinate the M.A. in Peace Studies and also teach on the M.A. International Relations as well as on undergraduate courses in International Relations.


Recent publications:



Bjorkdahl, Annika and Stefanie Kappler, Peacebuilding and Spatial Transformation: Peace, Space and Place, Routledge, forthcoming 2016. 

Kappler, Stefanie, Local Agency and Peacebuilding: EU and International Engagement in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus and South Africa, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2014.


Edited volumes:

Chabot, Joceline, Richard Godin, Stefanie Kappler and Sylvia Kasparian (eds), Mass media and the Genocide of the Armenians: One Hundred Years of Uncertain Representation, Palgrave, forthcoming 2015. 


Journal articles:

Kappler, Stefanie, "Sarajevo’s Ambivalent Memoryscape: Spatial stories of peace and conflict", Memory Studies, forthcoming.

Kappler, Stefanie, “The dynamic local: Delocalisation and relocalisation in the search of peacebuilding identity”, Third World Quarterly, 36 (5) 2015: 875-889.

Vogel, Birte, Oliver Richmond, Roger Mac Ginty, Ioannis Tellidis and Stefanie Kappler, “Creating Space for Critical Voices and Practitioners: Peacebuilding Journal”, Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, 26, 2014: 517–19.

Kappler, Stefanie, “Peacebuilding and Lines of Friction between Imagined Communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and South Africa”, Peacebuilding, 1(3), 2013: 349-364.

Kappler, Stefanie, ““Coping with research: Local Tactics of Resistance against (Mis-)Representation in Academia”, Peacebuilding, 1(1), 2013: 125-40.

Kappler, Stefanie, “Everyday legitimacy in post-conflict spaces: The creation of social legitimacy in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s cultural arenas”, Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 7(1), 2013: 11-28.

Kappler, Stefanie, “Divergent Transformation and Centrifugal Peacebuilding: The EU in Bosnia-Herzegovina”, International Peacekeeping, 19(5), 2012: 612-27.

Kappler, Stefanie and Oliver P. Richmond, “Peacebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Resistance or Emancipation?”, Security Dialogue, 42(3), 2011.

Richmond, Oliver, Björkdahl, Annika and Stefanie Kappler, "The Emerging EU Peacebuilding Framework: Confirming or Transcending Liberal Peacebuilding?," Cambridge Review of International Affairs, vol.24(3), 2011.


Book chapters:

Kappler, Stefanie and Nicolas Lemay-Hebert, “Hybrid Local Ownership in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo: From Discursive to Material Aspects of Ownership”, in SungYong Lee and Alp Oezerdem (eds.), Local Ownership in International Peacebuilding, Routledge, forthcoming.

Kappler, Stefanie, “Retelling the City: Competing Spaces of Social Engagement in Cape Town”, in Stromboem, Lisa and Annika Bjorkdahl (eds.), Governing contested issues in divided cities – merging conflict resolution and public administration, Nordic Press: forthcoming.

Forde, Susan and Stefanie Kappler, “Connecting the Local and the Global - Understanding International Relations through Global Networks”, in Kishor Vaidya (ed.) International Relations and Diplomacy for the Curious: Why Study International Relations and Diplomacy, Curious Academic Publishing, 2014.

Kappler, Stefanie, “Everyday Legitimacy in Post-Conflict Spaces: The Creation of Social Legitimacy in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Cultural Arenas”, in David Roberts (ed.), Liberal Peacebuilding and the Locus of Legitimacy, Routledge, 2014.

Kappler, Stefanie, “Representations of Peace in the EU’s Peacebuilding Approach in Bosnia-Herzegovina”, in Aggestam, Karin & Annika Björkdahl (eds.), Rethinking Peacebuilding. The quest for just peace in the Middle East and the Western Balkans, New York: Routledge, 2013.

Kappler, Stefanie, “Liberal Peacebuilding’s Representation of the Local: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, in Richmond, Oliver and Audra Mitchell (eds.), Hybrid Forms of Peace: From Everyday Agency to Post-Liberalism, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2011.


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