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Dr Vasileios Germanos

Mathematics and Computer Science
0151 291 3168

Dr. Vasileios Germanos is a Lecturer in Computer Science in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Liverpool Hope University. He obtained his MSc (2011) in Computing Science, and PhD (2015) in Computing Science, both from Newcastle University, UK.

His research interests include pi-calculus; Petri nets; distributed and concurrent systems (qualitative and quantitative analysis of such systems); cyber security (diagnosis, information flow security, metrics and standards).

He has a strong research background in theoretical computer science, and cyber security. He has a BSc in Electronic Engineering (computer, electrical and communication engineering), and during the past six years (PhD plus Lecturing period) he has been developing systematic approaches to formally verify and qualitatively analyse the information flow security, in concurrent and distributed systems. He is focusing on developing new fragments of process calculi and tools to formally verify reference passing systems, e.g., Internet of Things and Cloud computing systems; on using formal models (e.g., Petri nets) to qualitatively and quantitatively analyse the security properties in Cloud computing systems; and working on formal verification properties (diagnosis) to ensure the resilient functionality of the above systems.


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