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Ms Janice Egerton

Arts and Humanities Dean's Office
Arts and Humanities

My practice, expertise and research interests centre on textile construction and design with a focus on sustainability, collaboration, knowledge transfer and the creative synergy gained by combining the knowledge gained from an exploration of traditional methods with the new technology. I have exhibited widely in the UK including the British Council, the UK Crafts Council, the Chelsea and British Craft Fairs and locally, the Tate Gallery Liverpool, North West Arts and the Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool. 

Internationally, I have exhibited in North America, Germany, France, Romania and Holland and participated as designer in residence for the Tate Gallery Liverpool and the International Global Hope Project in Betim, Brazil both current areas of research. I have acted as consultant for the National Weavers Spinners and Dyers and a selected participant in the Textile Society AGM and Conference. I am also a member of the Embroidery Guild of Great Britain. 

My wider contributions to the University include membership of the faculty Learning and Teaching committee, SALA academic mentor, Examinations Officer and personal tutor. I have held several other positions including membership of Academic Appeals, elected member of Senate, Senior Academic Advisor and Global Hope organiser and contributor. 

I contribute to the development of courses, i.e. the proposal of the new BA Graphic Design degree, leading through the initial writing and development of the curriculum, the securing of internationally recognised expert advisors and through to validation and implementation. I am an AQA Advisory Higher Education Expert member for national A Level reform in Art and Design and External Examiner for the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).

Currently my teaching areas, (though not exclusive) include tutoring first year constructed textile design, leading second year collaborative projects with students and specialist staff assigned to the Decorative Arts Collection at the Walker Gallery, contextual and personal study and Professional Practice. I am also Third Year Tutor and undertake supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, (Masters in Creative Practice) that relate to my teaching or research interests. 

I have contributed to the International Perspectives Conference, 'Art, and Design Pedagogy' and my work has been cited and published in design books including 'Hand Stitch Perspectives' (Kettle A, McKeating), 'A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion' Gwilt, A  AVA books and 'Visual Citations' Shaw,F (2008) and Go Superlambanana, Cities 500



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